How do I change metronome settings?

Metronome settings can be accessed in two ways:

  • To change the speed of the metronome (bpm), tap the metronome button display at the far left of the control panel on the Tap Screen. A larger popup menu with a slider and stepper control allows you to change the speed from 15 to 300 bpm.  You also have the option to assign the same speed to all patterns in the current set. Press done to save the changes. On the Custom screen, metronome slider and stepper controls are available in the editing area.
  • To change the metronome sounds, use the Sound Options menu inside the Settings menu.

What are the MIDI options?

MIDI options include:

  • Select the MIDI note that marks the split between left and right pads when using a MIDI device to tap double rhythms.
  • Select the MIDI note to use for hi hat, snare, and kick drum pads when using a MIDI device to tap drumkit rhythms.
  • Turn MIDI Send on or off. When MIDI Send is on, Rhythm Lab’s internal sounds are ignored, and the sounds from MIDI apps or devices found on the iPad system will play instead.
  • Bluetooth MIDI – find Bluetooth MIDI devices within range of the iPad and select/turn on Bluetooth MIDI if it has not already been turned on by another app on the iPad.

What are the Sound Options?

Sound options include:

  • Pad sounds, based on a General MIDI sound set, for right/single and left pads.
  • Pad notes – from MIDI note C2 to MIDI note B5 – for right/single and left pads.
  • Drum sounds, including kit type (eight kit types available), and sounds for pads, based on General MIDI percussion sounds.
  • Metronome sounds for strong and weak beats, based on General MIDI percussion sounds.

What are the Tap Options?

The tap options include tap precision (how forgiving Rhythm Lab is when judging the accuracy of a tap), the number of lead-in count measures (from 0 to 3), whether to test the length of a note when tapping, and whether to play warning sounds when a tap error is made.

What settings can be changed?

Many settings in Rhythm Lab can be changed, including:

  • Tap Settings – test note lengths, play error sounds, display hits/misses, timing strictness/loosenes, number of count-in measures.
  • Sound Settings – pad sounds, pad notes/pitches, drumkit type, metronome sounds.
  • Theme Settings – eight different color schemes to choose from.
  • MIDI Settings – MIDI note/number for split between Left and Right pads, MIDI note/number for drumkit sounds, Bluetooth MIDI discovery, MIDI Send on/off.
  • Metronome Settings – tempo beats-per-minute (bpm) from 15-300, set bpm for all patterns in a set.
  • Loop pattern on/off