Can an existing rhythm pattern be edited or modified?

The default patterns that are included in Rhythm Lab cannot be edited or modified directly. However, any pattern (including custom patterns) can be copied and edited by using the Copy Pattern menu on the Custom screen. The copied/edited version can be saved in a custom pattern set, but the original pattern will not be changed.

Can I delete a custom rhythm pattern?

Yes. Go to the “Edit/Export Custom Sets” menu (square with up arrow icon action item, top right navigation bar of Custom screen) and select “Edit Custom Set.” From there, you can delete an entire set, or individual patterns from a set, and also change the title of a set.

How do I create my own rhythm patterns?

Navigate to the Custom tab on the bottom navigation bar. From there, you can use the menus to create entirely new patterns, copy existing patterns, or have Rhythm Lab generate a custom pattern for you based on the parameters you provide.