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MIDI Settings

Accessing MIDI Settings

To access MIDI settings, simply tap the MIDI button on the main tap screen. A popup screen containing all MIDI settings will appear.

MIDI Devices

The MIDI settings window contains two device options at the top. The first selects the current MIDI input device. Make sure the keyboard or other device that you want to use is connected to the iPad.

The second setting allows you to connect a Bluetooth MIDI device if one is not already connected. Once the Bluetooth device is connected, it can be selected as the current input input device (see above). Merely connecting the device is not sufficient to select it as the input device. After connecting, use the MIDI Input Source button (above) to select it as the current inout MIDI device.

MIDI Learn

Rhythm Lab provides MIDI learn functions for the following situations:

  • selecting the Right/Left split point for Double patterns and Drumline patterns.
  • selecting the Hihat note.
  • selecting the Snare note.
  • selecting the Kick note.

To activate the MIDI learn function, tap the appropriate button in the left column. Once selected, the learn function will respond to key presses on your keyboard.

The MIDI notes for each of the learn functions can also be set manually by using the stepper control beneath the values in the right column.

Stop All Sounds

MIDI panic button. Just in case.

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