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About SoundFonts

Rhythm Lab uses a SoundFont to provide its sounds. A SoundFont is a file that contains sound samples (waveforms) and information for how the samples will be played. The format was created by Creative Labs to work with their computer sound cards. There are a number of software tools available for creating your own SoundFont, and numerous SoundFonts, both free and commercial, available on the internet.

Default SoundFont

Rhythm Lab includes a default Soundfont in the app bundle: FluidR3_GM. This is a large soundfont developed by Frank Wen. The “GM” stands for General MIDI.

Changing the SoundFont

If you would like to use a different Soundfont in Rhythm Lab, you can. To change the Soundfont, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and download a Soundfont that has GM compatibility and at least one drumkit sound bank. If the Soundfont does not have these features, it most likely will not work with Rhythm Lab. A good source for finding compatible Soundfonts is www.polyphone-soundfonts.com.
  2. Put the Soundfont in a location that can be accessed from the iPad Files app (DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc).
  3. In Rhythm Lab, select the “Soundfonts” button in the general settings window (gear icon on main Tap screen).
  4. Select the “Load Soundfont” bottom at the bottom of the dialogue window.
  5. Find the Soundfont file using the Files browser.
  6. Once the Soundfont has loaded, it will be available on the “Available Soundfonts” list. You can select the Soundfont from this list, and it will become the current Soundfont.

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