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Audio Settings

Sound Options – Volume Control

To access volume controls for tap pads, tap the mixer icon at the lower left corner of the tap pad area. A volume control slider / mute button will appear next to each tap pad; drumline patterns have one control that applies to both pads.

Sound Options – Instrument

To access the instrument menus, tap the mixer icon at the lower left corner of the tap pad area. To change the sound for the tap pad, select the current sound button and a menu of all instruments available for that pad will appear. You can scroll through the menu to find the desired instrument.

Drumline and Drumkit patterns also have a Drumkit Type menu. The default Soundfont has a large number of kit types to choose from, including electronic and TR-808 kits. The number of available kits depends upon the current Soundfont.

Sound Options – MIDI Note

Single and Double patterns also provide a menu to choose the MIDI note for the corresponding pad. This is the note that will be used when tapping the pads on the iPad screen. These notes are ignored if you are using a MIDI input device, in which case the note sent from the MIDI device will be used.

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