Rhythm Lab – Good Mentions
Rhythm Lab – Good Mentions

Rhythm Lab – Good Mentions

The old Rhythm Lab blog had several posts about good mentions of Rhythm Lab or the Rhythm Lab blog. Here are some of the best:

Grand Piano Passion

Grand Piano Passion is a website for adult piano students which gave Rhythm Lab an excellent review: Internalize Tricky Rhythms with a Tapping App

OKEY Magazine

The German magazine OKEY included Rhythm Lab in its November-December 2016 issue (No. 133) . The “Workshop” section featured an article titled “Die Musikstunde: Spaß und Erfolg im Musikunterricht” (“The Music Lesson: Fun and Success in Music Class”) by Robert Karasek, which included a short review of Rhythm Lab.

Thank you Okey Magazine and Robert Karasek for including Rhythm Lab!

Leila Viss: Rhythm Make It Count

Leila Viss, the author of 88 Creative Keys blog, piano teacher, and blogger, interviewed me about Rhythm Lab as part of her Rhythm Make It Count series.

The video is included on the Videos page (Here to Help Video #3), and can be found on YouTube.

Thank you, Leila!



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