How do I import user data?

There are two ways to import user data:

  • If a user data file has been exported and saved in an app that will accept files with the .rluf extension (.rluf is the extension for the custom user files that Rhythm Lab exports), you can use the “Open in . . .” option from that app’s file share/export interface to open the file in Rhythm Lab. Many apps allow you to store and export .rluf files, including DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Mega, and iCloud Drive.
  • If the host app storing the .rluf user file recognizes Rhythm Lab’s ability to open the file, you can also open the file directly from Rhythm Lab’s opening User screen by tapping the “Manage Users / Import Users” option. Some newer versions of storage apps as of iOS 11 may not allow you to import the .rluf file directly from Rhythm Lab’s screen, although you can still open the file in Rhythm Lab from within the other application itself. OneDrive, Google Drive, and Mega allow user imports from within Rhythm Lab’s user screen; DropBox, Box, and iCloud Drive do not.

If any user names in the imported group already exist in the current Rhythm Lab instance,  you will be given the option to skip or rename the imported user rather than over-writing the current user’s data.