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Tap Screen Controls

Metronome Controls

  1. Measure Count-in Number Control. You can set the number of count-in measures for a pattern using this control. Simply tap on the right side of the three circles to increase the number of measures (max. 3) or on the left side to decrease (min. 1).
  2. Tempo Controls. The “+” and “-” buttons increase or decrease the beats-per-minute (bpm) one step at a time. The green tempo slider allows you to increase or decrease the bpm more quickly with larger changes.
  3. Metronome Button. The metronome button opens a dialogue with many options, including:
  • BPM settings.
  • Show flash on/off.
  • Save the same BPM for all patterns in the current set.
  • Volume levels for strong and weak beats.
  • Instrument sounds for strong and weak beats.
  • Drumkit type for strong and weak beat sounds

Transport Controls

  1. Listen Button. Tap the “listen” button (blue speaker) to listen to the current pattern without tapping.
  2. Start Button. Tap the “start” button (red triangle) to start a tap testing session.
  3. Loop Button. Tap the “loop” button to toggle looping on or off. When looping is on, you can select any number of measures to loop by dragging the loop bar on either end.


  1. Tap Options. This button (“gear”) opens a dialogue allowing you to change settings such as
  • Check note durations.
  • Turn “error” sounds on or off.
  • Display hits and misses (note color changes).
  • Display the score of a tap session when done.
  • Turn applause sounds on or off.
  • Adjust applause sound volume.
  • Adjust tap precision. Looser precision allows for a larger error margin when tapping. NOTE: Be careful when setting this option. The slower the tempo and the larger the note values, the larger the error margin can be. Faster tempos and shorter note values might require tighter precision.

2. MIDI Settings. This button opens a dialogue with the following settings:

  • Select MIDI input source. Any MIDI devices directly connected to the iPad will show up in this dialgue, allowing you to select one to use for input into Rhythm Lab.
  • Select Bluetooth MIDI. This will allow you to enable bluetooth MIDI if it has not already been enabled on the iPad. Once enabled, you can select a bluetooth MIDI device, if available, in the MIDI Input Source dialogue.
  • MIDI Learn. These options allow you to set the MIDI split point for Double and Drumline patterns, and specific MIDI notes for Hi Hat, Snare, and Kick drum parts. You can set these values directly on the iPad using the -/+ stepper controls, or using your MIDI device, if connected.

3. Note Length Button. The whole-note button with a line over it toggles note-length (duration) checking during a tap testing session. This has the same effect as the “Check durations” option in the Settings dialogue.

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