Tap Screen Audio Settings
Tap Screen Audio Settings
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Tap Screen Audio Settings

Sound / Note / Volume Controls

  1. Mixer Button. This button (lower left corner of tap button window) toggles the appearance of volume sliders and sound option buttons.
  2. Volume Slider(s). The Single and Drumline patterns have one slider to control tap pad volume. The Double and Drumkit patterns have one slider for each tap pad.
  3. Sound Buttons. These buttons open a menu listing all available sounds for this particular tap pad. Single and Double pads use sounds from the Melodic Sound Bank of the current soundfont (see Tap Screen Controls for more information on how to change the soundfont). Drumline and Drumkit patterns use sounds from the Percussion Sound Bank of the current soundfont.
  4. Note Buttons. The actual MIDI note used for Single and Double patterns can be selected from this menu. When using MIDI input, this value is ignored and the actual MIDI input note is used instead.
  5. Drumkit Type. The type of drumkit used for percussion sounds can be selected using this option. Available kit types are dependent on the current soundfont.


  1. Rhythm Lab uses the FluidSynthR3_GM soundfont as the default sound source. However, you can change the soundfont to any other GM-compatible soundfont with at least one drumkit (percussion) sound bank.
  2. To load new soundfonts, open the Soundfont dialogue window from within the Tap Options menu.
  3. Rhythm Lab will download any soundfont, but if the soundfont does not meet Rhythm Lab’s requirements for General MIDI and percussion sounds, the soundfont will be removed if you try to select it as the current soundfont.
  4. Here is a list of some soundfonts that have been tested and used successfully with Rhythm Lab:
  • TimGM_6MB
  • GeneralUser_GS
  • Merlin_Creative
  • Merlin_Gold
  • Roland SC-55
  • YM2612

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