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Rhythm Lab FAQs

Where can I find patterns to tap?

  1. Use the Patterns Menu at the top left corner of the Tap Screen. These patterns are organized by level and type.
  2. Create your own custom pattern sets on the Custom Screen. Create new patterns, or copy existing patterns to edit, or generate random patterns. Once a pattern is created, add it to a Pattern Set. See Custom Screen pages for more info.
  3. Download Custom Pattern Sets from the Rhythm Lab website. Anyone with the Rhythm Lab app can upload custom pattern sets to the website, and anyone with Rhythm Lab can download these pattern sets into Rhythm Lab. Select “Web” on the Custom Patterns menu on the main Tap Screen.

How many types of rhythm patterns does Rhythm Lab provide?

Rhythm Lab provides four types of rhythm patterns:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Drumline (snare drum right/left exercises)
  • Drumkit (Hihat, Snare, and Kick drum).

How many students can be added as users to Rhythm Lab?

You can create an unlimited number of student users to Rhythm Lab. Furthermore, you can export separate groups of users of any number, from one to the total number that you have added. These user groups can then be imported into any other Rhythm Lab app installed on a different iPad.

Does Rhythm Lab track my progress?

Yes! If you create a user, then Rhythm Lab will track all results for tapping exercises for that user. You can export the user or delete the user at any time. Results can be saved as a pdf file and emailed to a teacher (or to yourself!). In addition, Rhythm Lab tracks and displays scores for individual loop-based tapping, but does not store loop results.

Does Rhythm Lab require a subscription or In-App purchases?

No, absolutely not. Everything you need to get the most out of Rhythm Lab is available with a single purchase of the app. Once purchased, you are eligible for any updates or upgrades that may be made in the future, and for email support.

Some rhythm patterns seem to be difficult to tap. Is there a way to make tapping easier?

There are several things you can do to make a tapping exercise easier. First, try slowing down the metronome speed. Second, try tapping along with the Playback option without scoring. Third, try adjusting the Tap Precision setting to a looser value (settings menu – gear icon). Fourth, try using the Loop option and slide the Loop bar to select and practice only the most difficult measure(s). If you keep at it, you will find that your accuracy can improve significantly, and patterns that once seemed difficult will seem easier in time.

How do I save and use the Custom patterns that I make?

Once you’ve created a Custom pattern, you need to save it to a Pattern Set. You can also save a draft version of the exercise, but draft exercises are not available on the Tap Screen until they have been added to a Pattern Set.  If no Custom Pattern Sets exist for the type of pattern you have created, or if you want to add it to a Pattern Set different than the ones already created, you can select “Add to New Pattern Set” when saving. If you want to add it to an existing Custom Pattern Set, select “Add to Existing Pattern Set” when saving.

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