Rhythm Lab will be publishing a newsletter soon. As the app has grown and developed, there are a number of features to highlight, use cases to examine, and awesome functionalities to explore.

For example, did you know that you can load different Soundfonts (.sf2) files into Rhythm Lab to get completely different sounds? Did you know that Rhythm Lab is compatible with AudioBus 3.0, an app that lets you integrate seamlessly with other music and audio apps like Garage Band? Did you know that you can import MusicXML files into Rhythm Lab, converting them into Rhythm Lab patterns that you can tap? Did you know that Custom Patterns and User groups can be exported as JSON files, a standard text-based data format used widely across the web, and that you can actually create Custom Patterns and User group files using only a text editor?

These topics and many more helpful hints and suggestions will be included in the newsletter, along with future feature updates and plans for expanding Rhythm Lab’s platform.

If you’re interested in learning the latest, sign up for the Rhythm Lab newsletter. We plan to publish about twice a month, starting in June 2022.