Version 4.0 Waiting for Review
Version 4.0 Waiting for Review

Version 4.0 Waiting for Review

Rhythm Lab v. 4.0 is finally waiting for review on the App Store!

If there are no problems with the review, it should be available very soon.

Here are just a few of the new features:

  • Expanded file import and export possibilities. Import and export pattern files in JSON format. You can create patterns using a text editor (if you want to . . .). Import files in MusicXML format (some limitations). Worksheets are still exportable in PDF format.
  • Universal links. Pattern set files are now available from the website, and the links to those files are universal links, which means they can open directly in Rhythm Lab. Any custom pattern set (including any you make yourself) can be uploaded to the website and is then available as a universal link. This makes it even easier to organize your custom pattern sets for yourself or your students.
  • Improved MIDI implementation. Get better control over your MIDI input device(s), including Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Annotate and draw on pattern set and worksheets. Rhythm Lab 4.0 has adopted the Apple Pencil APIs to allow you to use the Apple Pencil (or your finger) to draw or mark up patterns and worksheets.
  • Improved Loop function. Select an entire pattern or just part of a pattern to practice as many times as you want without stopping. Results are tracked for each repetition and displayed at the end of a Loop session.
  • Flexible User / Student tracking and groups. Import or export user groups or individual users using the Rhythm Lab user file format (.rluf) for backward compatibility, or in JSON format. Add and delete users easily. Export any number of users into separate files to organize student groups. User stats are tracked for each exercise and can be sent immediately in PDF format as an email attachment.
  • Change the Soundfont! The Soundfont that comes packaged with Rhythm Lab (FluidR3_GM.sf2) is excellent, and provides a wide range of sound possibilities (GM-compatible). If you would like to use a different Soundfont, it is easy to upload and select one of your choice. Note: not all Soundfonts will work with Rhythm Lab, because it requires GM-compatibility and at least one Percussion sound bank.
  • Time Signatures. You can now create time signatures with up to three denominators (eg. 3+2+3), and you can mix time signatures in a single pattern for mixed-meter exercises.
  • Nested Tuplets. If you want to create advanced, unusual, or really difficult-to-tap patterns, Nested tuplets are now possible.
  • Many more new features and bug fixes, too many to list!

Rhythm Lab 4.0 requires at minimum iPadOS 13.0.