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Worksheet Overview

Capture Pattern Images

You can capture images of rhythm patterns on the Tap Screen and on the Custom Screen. Simply select the “Save Image For Worksheet” option in the appropriate menu (see help pages for those screens for more info). The Custom Screen provides several worksheet-friendly features, including toggle time signature, toggle barlines, and toggle spacers. By toggling these elements, you can hide or unhide time signatures, barlines, and spacers for your worksheet.

Create a New Worksheet

When you first open the Worksheet Screen, you will see a blank worksheet with a Title field, four Pattern Title fields, and four blank image rectangles.

To create your worksheet, press the Edit item on the top navigation bar. You can now edit the worksheet:

  1. Fill in the Title Field with an appropriate title.
  2. Tap on the image rectangles to open a Select Image dialogue window. If you don’t see any images listed, go to the Tap Screen or Custom Screen to create the images you need. You can also remove images by tapping “Edit” inside the image dialogue window.
  3. Edit the Pattern Title Fields appropriately.
  4. Press “Done” when you are finished editing the new worksheet.

Manage Worksheet Files

  1. Save. This option saves your worksheet directly to the Rhythm Lab local worksheets directory. The file will have a “.ws” extension, and can be reloaded at a later time from the “Open” menu.
  2. Share. This option (up arrow on navigation bar) allows you to export your worksheet to an external location, in either the “.ws” format, or as a PDF file.
  3. Open. This option presents a menu of all locally-saved worksheets. Here you can delete any of the worksheets by selecting the “Edit” option inside of the Open menu.
  4. Import. This option allows you to load any worksheet in “.ws” format saved either locally or in an external location. If you select a file that is not a worksheet in “.ws” format, Rhythm Lab opens a new blank worksheet.

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