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Custom Screen Editing

Edit Mode

Edit mode allows selection and editing of groups of notes. Notes are selected by dragging your finger across the white space – a line extends to the note area, and a box is drawn around the notes you are selecting.

Once notes are selected, a context menu appears. You can perform standard edit operations: Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete, and several special operations: beam, flag, and tie.

Measure Mode

The Measure tool allows you to edit entire measures as a block. Standard editing functions are available -cut/copy/paste/delete – but also some special functions.

  1. +Prev and +Next. Add a new blank measure before (prev) or after (next) the selected measure. Rhythm Lab allows a maximum of eight measures in a pattern.
  2. +4/4. Create a new time signature for this measure, and possibly following measures. The time signature can be changed only if the entire measure is empty. Following measures can be changed only if each adjacent measure is empty. Selecting this option presents a new Time Signature dialogue window.

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