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User Management

Add New Users

Rhythm Lab allows you to create users and groups of users. To create a new user or group of users, simply go the the User Management menu (top right section of Tap Screen navigation bar), select the “Manage Users,” and then “Add New Users.”

Once inside the “Add New Users” section, simply type in a new user name, press the “Add” icon, and continue doing this until you’ve added all of the users you plan to add. Tap “Done,” and the users will be added, and will be available from the “Select User” menu.

Delete Users

Under the “Manage Users” section, select the “Delete User” option. All current users will be listed. Tap the “Edit” item on the top right, and then you can delete users.

Import Users

You can import external user files that have previously been exported from Rhythm Lab. These user files will be in “.rluf” (Rhythm Lab User File) format, or in standard JSON format (.json). When you select “Import Users” from the Manage Users menu, you will be presented with two options:

  1. Import and Merge with Current Users. This will import users from the file, and give you options if duplicate user names are detected – merge data with the current user, skip the import for this user, change the name of the imported user, etc.
  2. Import and Replace Current Users. This is provided as a convenience if you want to import a set of users and completely replace current users. You are advised to back up (export) any current users before selecting this option.

Export Users

You can export users several different ways:

  1. Export all current users as a group.
  2. Export users selectively.

Exported user files can be in JSON (standard web data) format, or RLUF (Rhythm Lab User File) format.

Show User Stats

This option opens a view of all attempted patterns and the scores for the current user. If there is no current user, or if the current user has not completed any tap exercises, no stats will be shown.

User stats, in PDF format can be shared or exported immediately using the Share button at the top right of the Stats screen. The stats can also be edited (removed) by selecting the “Edit” button.

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