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Rhythm Lab provides numerous customization options to the user. Most of these are available through the menus provided directly on the screen.

Pattern Menus

  1. All of the built-in patterns in Rhythm Lab are available on the Patterns Menu. Level A (single) and Level B (double) patterns are organized more or less by difficulty level. Drumline patterns are left-right drum exercises, color-coded as Right = red, Left = blue. Drumkit patterns are three-part patterns for Hihat, Snare, and Kick drum.
  2. The Custom pattern menu organizes all user-created custom patterns, either those created directly in the app or imported from an external source.

User Menu

  1. The User menu allows you to add any number of new users. Once added, a user’s tap statistics are saved, and can be viewed using the “Show User Stats” button.
  2. The “Manage Users” button allows you to add or delete users, and also import / export groups of users.


  1. The Draw menu provides a standard Apple Pencil drawing palette. You can draw anywhere on the pattern itself using an Apple Pencil or your finger. This is useful for providing additional help or instructions, counting aids, etc.
  2. Once opened, the drawing tool palette can be dragged around the screen.
  3. The drawing tool requires iPadOS v. 14.* or higher.

Export Menu