Tap Screen Basics

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Tapping patterns

The heart of Rhythm Lab is the tap screen. Tap patterns are presented in scrollable sets. Simply swipe the screen left or right to get to the next or previous pattern in the set. The page control (dark gray bar with small circles) indicates which page within the pattern set is currently displaying.

Tap Screen Anatomy

  1. Access built-in patterns or custom pattern menus.
  2. Manage users – add, select, import, export, view statistics.
  3. Use drawing tool – Apple Pencil or finger – to draw on or annotate the pattern.
  4. Export the pattern as an image for worksheet or external file.
  5. Help view.
  6. Navigation tabs for most recent patterns.
  7. Lead-in counts: 1-3 measures of count-in beats.
  8. Metronome controls (bpm).
  9. Metronome button – opens metronome settings for more metronome options.
  10. “Listen” button. Listen to the pattern without tapping.
  11. Tap start button – begin a tap session.
  12. Toggle loop mode button.
  13. General tap settings – display, feedback, accuracy and precision options.
  14. MIDI settings button – select MIDI input source, Bluetooth MIDI, MIDI split point for Double and Drumline patterns, and MIDI notes to use for Drumkit patterns.
  15. Toggle duration (length of note hold) testing button.
  16. Toggle sound control buttons: volume, tap pad sounds, drumkit type (Drumline and Drumkit patterns only).
  17. Tap pad.